Controversial SharePoint 2010 Issue Now Free

For the last few days, the controversy over the latest USP Journal issue series has been raging. Microsoft has attempted to silence the issue, and online discussions have been fierce.

The debate seems to be around whether the issue contains confidential information or not. Despite attempts to clarify this, some people still seem to think that the release of this information constitutes a breach of NDA, despite the fact that I’m not under any NDA.

The name also seems to be an issue. As such, the series will be renamed to “SharePoint 2010 Beta” to further attempt to avoid confusion.

The final act in trying to clear up any misunderstandings is that the entire first issue will now be made freely available from the web page.

The free issue download does not entitle you to any future updates, but will allow you to preview the kind of information that will be released in future issues, and hopefully help you make an informed buying decision.

I also hope this will clear up any misunderstandings that has arisen. There is not, and will not be, any NDA or confidential information in the series issues.


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This post was written by furuknap on July 22, 2009


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